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Yara Electronics is the newly formed electronics division of Cheenu Amma Aalloy (P) Ltd. Yara, meaning Bright Light in Sanskrit, is formed with the sole purpose of providing quality products at a reasonable price.

At Yara Electronics, we design and market consumer electronic products. We currently have LED TV Online in a variety of sizes, including 32 inch led TV, 40 inch led TV, 43 inch led TV, 50 inch led TV, and 55 inch led TV, as well as washing machines and home theatre systems.Soon, we will expand the product line to include air conditioners and refrigerators.

At Yara Electronics, we develop cutting-edge products with superior performance and quality. Our LED TV Online includes the latest 4K Ultra High Definition Panels, with Dolby Speaker models and in-built Soundbar models. All the products in our LED TV portfolio come with an A+ grade panel, a uniqueness that no other TV manufacturing company offers. When it comes to washing machines, design is the key element. The glass top lids with floral designs come as the first products of their kind in India.

We also design the registration for the flip-open knob control panels for our washing machines. Our air conditioners, which we are planning to launch in the upcoming AC season, come with energy-saving Inverter technology, which reduces power consumption by 40%. LED TV India and all products in our portfolio are designed for the needs of the Indian customer. At the same time, they are reasonably priced so that a common man can easily afford them.

The Cheenu group of companies, under the leadership of Mr. P. Moorthy, was started as a steel trading company in the year 1973 and has been involved in steel scrap trading for the past 40 years. A decade back, they ventured into in-house steel production by setting up a steel foundry.

Currently, we have the largest steel billet manufacturing unit in Coimbatore with a capacity of 8000 tonnes per month. We are one of the largest importers of steel scrap, which we use both for internal consumption in steel foundries and also for trading purposes. As a part of the backward integration, we have started ship-breaking operations. We'd like to make your experience with us special.


Allow your senses to be blown over by what they experience


Experienced avant-garde technology delivered to you


We'd like to make your experience with us special


Our marketing team strives to impart quality products with a research focus on general, economic, and environmental needs. To fulfil customer needs by supplying value-added products.


Audio service for high sounds quality and effect to control the music or video,news.etc..


To offer better TV varities and in lower price with the best technology in the town and .to earn our Customer’s loyalty by delivering sales and service experiences with high quality.
To become a name in every Indian household.

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